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Peach, Jammy, Passion Fruit Creamy, Milk Chocolate, Clean

Ninety Plus - Nekisse

Origin: Ethiopia
HK$250.00 - HK$1,150.00
Peach, Jammy, Passion Fruit, Creamy, Milk Chocolate, Clean
Medium Dark (R5)
Light (R3)
Medium (R4)
Dark (R6)
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Nectar from Shakisso

First produced in Shakisso, Ethiopia, in 2009, the Nekisse profile is defined by creamy mouthfeel, heavy berry jam flavor, citrus and many layers of tropical fruits. Originally named as “Nectar from Shakisso,” Nekisse coffee was first developed in Wellega and has now settled in Sidama for a consistent and highly concentrated nectar profile that sets itself apart from other coffees in Ethiopia.

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