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98% caffeine is removed by Swiss water process

Arabica Blend Decaf

Origin: Mixed
HK$210.00 - HK$820.00
98% caffeine is removed by Swiss water process
Medium Dark (R5)
Light (R3)
Medium (R4)
Dark (R6)
HK$ {(subtotal)}

Arabica Blend Decaf

Love your daily coffee but need a break from caffeine? The Swiss Water processed Colombia Supremo Decaf should be your roast of choice.

Swiss Water is an innovative, 100 chemical free decaffeination process used primarily for organic coffees. Unlike other processes that use CO2 gas or harsh chemicals, the Swiss Water process makes use of pristine water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee, while maintaining the bean’s origin and flavor characteristics.

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