Chengdu Taikoo Li

Chengdu Taikoo Li is a unique retail planning concept that pays homage to traditional Sichuan architecture with a futuristic, creative approach. Centred around the ancient Daci Temple, this low-rise, aspirational project juxtaposes heritage and modern sophistication through sensitive landscape design to create a charismatic mixed-use environment. Positioned as an Urban Retail and Entertainment Destination, the development toys with the concept of “Fast Lane” and “Slow Lane” to deliver a vibrant shopping, dining and entertainment experience.

Chengdu’s first Arabica, situated squarely in the “Slow Lane”, maintains its signature minimalist style and elegance with an open-air seating design that underscores the interconnectedness of sharing a great cup of coffee.

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No.1115, 1st Floor, Sino Ocean Taikoo Li, No. 8, Mid Shamao Street, Jinjiang, Chengdu
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Store Hours:

Open Daily: 10:00am - 10:30pm