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Canister SML Set

Enamel coated steel with Eva resin inner lid
・S: W 116mm × D 116mm × H 93mm ・M: W 116mm × D 116mm × H 115mm ・L: W 116mm × D 116mm × H 140mm
・S:250g ・M:300g ・L:400g
HK$ {(subtotal)}

Complete Set of Canisters in SML

When it comes to coffee beans, fresh is always best. Air, moisture, heat, and light can all compromise the quality of your coffee. To keep your beans at optimal quality, place them in a Arabica canister which is airtight and opaque, and keep it in a cool dark place. This set consists of all three different canisters in each capacity: 250g, 300g, and 400g.